Additional Information on CPAP Supplies in Utah

As an existing CPAP user, there are often a few different reasons that lead us to stop using our CPAP machines. Below are some common complaints about sleep therapy and what UDT does to fix them! If you are looking for CPAP Supplies in Utah, we can help you with that as well.

When I use CPAP, I wake up with an extremely dry mouth.

This is an extremely common issue with older CPAP devices. We use the latest technology called Climate Control that helps maintain comfort through humidity adjustments during night.

With my old machine, the pressure is too high.

The new S9 line of CPAP devices can easily be adjusted to if the output pressure is too much. See the video below!

When wearing my CPAP Mask it is uncomfortable and leaks.

Getting the right mask that fits comfortably is a very important part of the sleep therapy process. ResMed’s new series of FX masks provide a comfortable fit and are sealed to maintain air flow without having any leaks.

I’m unsure about getting tested for sleep apnea.

We offer 2 methods of testing for sleep apnea that focus on comfort level during the process with our patients. The most common and non-invasive way is our home sleep test with our patented home sleep shirt. Learn More!